Special Collections

The Cruise Book of Rear Admiral J.J. “Jocko” Clark

On November 12, 2021, The Army and Navy Club Library Trust hosted members of the Cherokee Nation for an evening in honor of Admiral Joseph James “Jocko” Clark (1893-1971). During the evening’s ceremonies, Vice Admiral Jeffrey Trussler, a Cherokee Nation citizen and the Director of Naval Intelligence, presented a naval cruise book that once belonged to Admiral Clark to Kimberly Teehee, the Cherokee Nation Delegate-designate to Congress. Delegate Teehee accepted the cruise book on behalf of her Nation. (For more information about the event, click here).

photo of Roy Boehm in uniform

The Roy Boehm Archive

The Roy Boehm Archive, acquired in its entirety by the Library Trust in 2010, chronicles more than half a century of the military career and later civilian life of Lieutenant Commander Roy H. Boehm, USN (1924-2008). A “mustang” who rose from the enlisted ranks, Boehm served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and on numerous clandestine operations as a Navy diver and UDT. In 1961, Boehm was commissioned to develop and lead the special operations unit that would become the Navy SEALs.

Members in History: Club Members on the Cover of Time Magazine

The Members in History Collection was generously donated to the Library Trust in 2014 by Rear Admiral John Faigle, USCG, Club president from 2010-2013. As a legacy of our Club’s history and the combined accomplishments of our members, this collection comprises every cover of Time Magazine featuring a member of The Army and Navy Club.

wooden stereograph viewer

Civil War Stereographs

The start of the American Civil War coincided with the development and popularity of stereo photography—a technique that renders photos in three-dimensional depth. The Library Trust Civil War stereograph collection, donated by Reginald Oakie in 1983, features extensive imagery of Civil War battlefields, headquarters, weapons, portraits, and more. Due to their fragile condition, they have never before been made available for viewing. Our online collection offers the opportunity to explore these historic stereographs for the first time.