Preserving and Honoring

Military History and Culture

The Army and Navy Club Library Trust Fund was founded on the belief that our nation’s history is shaped in large part by the military and that literature and fine art are important components of that history. In fact, the military preserves our art and literature as it defends the nation. Our mission at the Library Trust is to foster the connection between fine art and the military, as well as to promote, honor, and preserve military history and culture.

Our online collection features high-resolution images and a searchable database of The Army and Navy Club’s historic collection of military artwork. This provides everyone the opportunity to learn about the history of each work or download images for nonprofit, personal, or scholarly use. With this online collection and website, we intend to widen the accessibility of the Club’s art collection to historians, scholars, students, military institutions, universities, and any individual or organization with an interest in military art and history.

Art and war are often seen as antithetical forces. Art is creative, war is destructive. However, our military should be recognized as a force for more than defense and warfare; in fact, it is also a force for cultural development and preservation. In times of conflict, our military defends not just our physical safety, but our history, our cultural values, and our heritage. Much of our history, including those same cultural values and heritage, is preserved through the arts.

Through initiatives like the online collection, The Army and Navy Club Library Trust Committee will grow our community, as well as the stature of military art and historical preservation.