Preserving and Honoring

Military History and Culture

The Army and Navy Club Library Trust is a registered nonprofit institution that is responsible for the Army and Navy Club’s historic military library and fine art collection. Through its collections, exhibitions, and public programs, the Library Trust offers inspiring encounters with military art, literature, and culture.

The American military should be recognized as a force for more than defense and warfare. In times of conflict, the U.S. military defends not just our nation’s physical safety, but also its history, cultural values, and heritage—all of which are exemplified through our literary and artistic traditions.

This is why The Army and Navy Club wrote the Library Trust into its articles of incorporation when it was founded in 1891. The ongoing mission of the Library Trust is to foster a connection between the American military and the arts, and to promote, honor, and preserve military history and culture.

With the online collection and website, The Army and Navy Club Library Trust aims to widen the accessibility of its collections to scholars, students, military institutions, universities, and anyone with a personal interest in military art and history.