Battle of Manila Bay
May 1, 1898

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Alfonso Sanz

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H x W: 39 in. / 79 in.

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Gift of George J. Seabury

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From 1903: The Army and Navy Club, gift of George J. Seabury


The Battle of Manila Bay was the first major engagement of the Spanish-American War. Under Commodore George Dewey, the American Asiatic Squadron engaged and destroyed the Spanish Pacific Squadron. The battle was one of the most decisive naval battles in history. It marked the end of the Spanish colonial period in Philippine history and led directly to Senate confirmation of Dewey as Admiral of the Navy, the only person to achieve that rank. He joined The Army and Navy Club in 1900.

This painting, by a captured Spanish naval medical officer, is regarded as an accurate depiction of Dewey’s victory over the Spanish fleet. It was the first major clash between squadrons of mechanically-driven steel warships. Dewey’s flag ship USS Olympia leads the U.S. Battle line. The artist, Alfonso Sanz, was a member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Art.