Washington and Jefferson at Mount Vernon

Accession number:


Historical period:

H x W: 19 in. / 30 in.

Acquisition date:
ca. 2010

Credit line:
The Army and Navy Club Library Trust Fund


From ca. 2010: The Army and Navy Library Trust Fund, acquired by Rear Admiral John N. Faigle, Club President 2010-2013


This print, of unknown origin, depicts George Washington and Thomas Jefferson meeting at what is most likely Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home outside of Washington, D.C. Given the serene, light-hearted atmosphere the work conveys—a young boy plays with a housemaid as two dogs watch on, while his sister leans on her mother’s lap as she polishes a ring, and Washington and Jefferson seem engaged in pleasant, leisure conversation—it can be surmised that this is a portrait of the two men in post-Revolution America.