Second Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Tablet on the Battlefield of Gettysburg.

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H x W: 3.5 in. / 7 in.

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Gift of Reginald W. Okie



From 1985:
The Army and Navy Club, gift of Reginald W. Okie


Recto: Artistic Stereo Gems of Gettysburg Scenery.
Published by W. H. Tipton & Co., Gettysburg PA.
(Copyrighted 1880.)
Verso: (Copyrighted 1880.)
[Trademark seal reading “Established—1859, &CO [or possibly C&O], Trade Mark., Artistic~Photography.”]
Artistic Stereoscopic View.
No. 730. Second Mass. Vol. Infantry Tablet on the Battlefield of Gettysburg.
Inscription: (Verbatim.)
From the hill behind this monument on the morning of July the third 1863 the Second Massachusetts Infantry made an assault upon the Confederate troops in the works at the base of Culps Hill opposite. The regiment carried to the charge 22 officers and 294 enlisted men. It lost 4 officers and 41 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 6 officers and 84 enlisted men wounded. To perpetuate the honored memories of that hour the survivors of the regiment have raised this stone. 1879.
Photographed by W. H. Tipton & Co.,
5 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg, PA.