Members in History:
Army and Navy Club members featured
on the cover of TIME

Accession number:

TIME magazine

Historical period:
1923 - present (ongoing)


H x W: 11 in. / 8.5 in. (multiple)

Acquisition date:
ca. 2014

Credit line:
Gift of Rear Admiral John N. Faigle, USCG ANC Club President 2010-2013



From ca. 2014: The Army and Navy Club, gift of John N. Faigle, USCG (ret.)


TIME magazine has focused on clarity of message and elegance of presentation with a dash of attitude that makes each issue stand out. TIME is as good a record as any of who and what. When the magazine captures a person, an event, or a trend within its iconic red borders, the magazine is noting the significant value of its subject.

From the very first issue in 1923, which featured a charcoal cover drawing, TIME has specialized in pithy, sharp observational detail about the lives and backgrounds of the people it profiles.

The first Army and Navy Club member to appear on the cover of TIME was Major General Mason M. Patrick, who was featured on the July 1923 issue. Spanning the next nine decades, 102 Club members have appeared within the magazine's red borders, some featured numerous times. The covers here are only a sampling of the many Army and Navy Club members who have left their mark on history.