Special Collection

Members in History

The Members in History Collection was generously donated to the Library Trust in 2014 by Rear Admiral John Faigle, USCG, Club president from 2010-2013. As a legacy of our Club’s history and the combined accomplishments of our members, this collection comprises every cover of Time Magazine featuring a member of The Army and Navy Club.

Time Magazine built its preeminent reputation in journalism by publishing sharp, cogent profiles of distinguished personalities, adding context, depth and humanity to issues of politics, culture and economy. Through its history of striking cover photographs featuring influential luminaries, Time also remains the standard-bearer of “who and what” in America’s 20th and 21st century.

The first member of The Army and Navy Club to appear on a Time Magazine cover was Major General Mason M. Patrick in the July 9, 1923 issue. Spanning the next nine decades, Club members appeared 102 times within the publication’s famous red borders, some featured repeatedly.